9- E-Learning In Economics of Consumers Firms &  Institutions

  • Turism Economics

    The objectives of this course are to help students understand, organize, perform and manage effectively the service operations of the hospitality industry. The course’s overall objective is to prepare the student for the management career in the hospitality field. Through the study to be carried out with the use of visual aids, as well as with a simulation program and on site educational visits, the student will become capable to:

    • -Identify and evaluate the current trends in the hospitality industry
    • -Be a successful seller of services of the lodging
    • -Understand the hotel procedures
    • -Analyze the property’s revenues and statistical data and take the proper decisions
    • -Collaborate with his/her colleagues, as well as with the other departments of the lodging
    • -Apply contemporary and profitable management models in the hospitality services
    • -Plan, organize and control the lodging operations

    -Understand and critically evaluate the human resource management functions

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